Australian Chemical Trauma Alliance

While there may eventually be some benefits from genetically modified (GM) crops, there are very serious concerns about the commercial reasons driving the rush to recoup research costs, responsible for early approvals of GM components for broad inclusion in human food.  

The long-term consequences of GM changes in the food supply are simply not known.  

Its unnerving to say the least, that because the agricultural industry in the United States were the first to embrace early GM crops, trade pressures have been bought to bare on other countries to accept it, even though the majority of people elsewhere prefer not to eat it. 

Equally disconcerting that the US is using pressure through the World Trade Organization to force regulators in other countries to grant approvals. 

Most GM crops are developed by agricultural chemical industries, which have an appalling history of past mistakes, which resulted in harm to human health. Unlike toxic chemicals, the possibility of transmigration of genetic material from one species to another could pose unstoppable consequences. 

While the risks may be considered small, the effect has at least the potential to be absolutely devastating. Even to the point of permanently damaging the human species or bringing about our extinction.  

Cross-pollination occurs in GM crop trials with non-GM crops. Eventually, all become contaminated with GM components. Some ideas proposed in genetic engineering fields are truly frightening. Mad scientist mentality clearly abounds.  

With this in mind, how can we ensure the ONLY safeguard of law protecting the right of the individual citizens to choose to accept or reject GM food and to ensure non-GM food will always be available?

Rex Warren

National President
Australian Chemical Trauma Alliance

E-mail: Rex Warren



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Written and Authorised by Selwyn Johnston, Cairns FNQ 4870 Australia